Aroi Pub Resto offers you daily specials, including all you can eat buffets. Great Service with food and atmosphere to match.

Aroi Pub Resto offering you a superb dining experience. When you step inside the Aroi restaurant you’ll be amazed by the chandelier. Hundreds of half pint beer mugs, hung on a sapphire of 7 tier magic, produced locally.

But before you notice that you are sure to be greeted by our friendly staff.Aroi Pub Resto has classic continental layout just like any Belgian resto back home (with better weather! ). Child friendly outside & inside garden areas, pool table, smoking & non smoking sections.

Well stocked bar, including some exclusive wines, check out our Menu for a complete list. Did we mention out all you can eat buffets?

Fine dining with great service and food to match. And the best thing, the price.

Email: | Tel: 082 459 5733

Aroi Pub Resto All you can eat buffets. With the finest meats, fishes, muscles, pizza & pasta and so much more starting from 259b / person.

Keep an eye on our daily specials below or add us on Facebook and come try Pattaya’s best All you can eats….

For exclusive deals and inside information download the app above, we will send exclusive specials based on what will be created from our local suppliers, updated wines as they are added and more…

Wednesday night is international buffet night, with Thai dishes as well some international favorites, dishes change weekly, so signup to our face book to find out what will be offered.

Thursday nights at Aroi Pub Resto is Italian Buffet. Pizza, pasta, lasagna & more.

Friday night, is all you can eat mussels & brochette, including side & unlimited Belgian fries.

And Sunday, the roast buffet. Spit roast chicken, bbq ribs & other meats available, changes weekly.

All you can eat buffet

Wednesday Buffet

International & Thai Food
Incl Starters & Salad bar
295 b / person

Thursday Buffet

Pizza, Pasta & Lasagna
Incl Starters & Salad bar
259 b / person

Friday Buffet

Fresh Mussels
Incl Starters, Salad & Fries
From 295 b / person

Sunday Buffet

Spare Ribs, Spit Chicken,
Roast Pork & More
299 b / person